Through our platform, we provide comprehensive reports that encompass all vehicle specifications. By checking this information, you will have access to detailed details about the history, accident records, and other significant data of the automobiles.

Get complete vehicle information reports

It’s a complete report of the vehicle’s manufacturing characteristics. This search provides detailed factory information and vehicle restrictions. Note: The Renavam will be provided when available.
BIN + Restrictions

National Index Database. It is the official Denatran database fed by Manufacturers (domestic cars) and Importers (imported cars) before they are sold. To check, it is necessary to enter the license plate or chassis number. It contains information related to the vehicle’s manufacturing characteristics.


An inquiry that allows you to check if the vehicle has an active Encumbrance registration, meaning if the vehicle in question has been or is the subject of a guarantee for financing (CDC, Leasing, etc.) and has not yet been discharged with the state Detran. If the encumbrance is active, the vehicle cannot be transferred.


Detailed information for informed decision-making

Transparency and security

Ease in negotiation

Risk reduction

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