Procob Queries System – Why did the format and login change?

Dear user, you may have already noticed that we have changed the login format for our systems, and we will explain the reason behind it. With the security of data and users in mind, we realized it was necessary to add an extra layer of security and make this process unique to each person who uses our platform.

With this change, it is necessary for all users associated with our system to go through a verification process using the iDProcob application. Now, the system will identify and certify that the person claiming to be is indeed themselves.

How does the verification work?

Identity verification is crucial for access security, ensuring control and protection of confidential information. It will be done through the application, where the user will need to register as if they were new to the company, upload documents, and go through a life check. After completing the registration, the user can log in to the system using the QRCode reader or Two-Factor Authentication.

What are the new access methods?

  • QRCode

After registration, there is a QRCode reader on the application’s home screen. With it, you can scan the code that appears on the Procob Queries System screen. After scanning, you will have access to the system.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

Once you have registered in the application, you can access the system through a code sent to the email linked to your account. To request the code, follow these steps: Click on the “Another authentication method” link; enter your CPF document number; validate HCaptcha; enter the code sent to the registered email (valid for 30 minutes).

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Can I still use the system on my computer?

The system continues to operate normally on the web; the difference is only in the login process, where users now need to be verified.

Here at Procob, we are always striving for innovation and security to provide the best user experience for all our customers. With this change, we ensure secure and smooth access.

You can find more information about the new measures adopted and a step-by-step guide on how to register in iDProcob on our blog.

If you still have questions about how the tool works, our Support team is ready to assist you.

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