Procob: Celebrating 19 Years

Today marks Procob’s 19th anniversary – 19 years of dedicated history aimed at earning the loyalty and ensuring the security of our partners and clients. Throughout all these years, we have assisted companies in internal preventive processes, promoting data security, anti-fraud measures, vehicle reports, and registry information, all aimed at providing security and efficiency.

We have the support of specialized collaborators to deliver the best experience to our users. Additionally, we have our own IT team, which adds speed and quality to the production and customization of new products and solutions, further enhancing our longstanding partnership with Serasa Experian, whom we have been distributors for over 13 years.

Our focus has always been on working with commitment, dedication, honesty, and passion. As we look back on the 19 years that have passed and ahead to the ones to come, we cannot forget to express our gratitude to all our partners, clients, collaborators, and others who have helped us plant the seeds to reap the fruits we enjoy today.

This date is truly special, as despite the changing landscapes over these 19 years, Procob has continued to create solutions and keep pace with market evolution to adapt our products and access methods to the best available technology, integrating seamlessly with our clients who increasingly require faster response times for their business transactions.

Thus, we celebrate this occasion with full vigor, ready to overcome any future challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead, armed with energy and creativity to conquer them.

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